Fairleigh Dickinson after the loss of PurDie said 'March of the month Exxon Valdez.' PurDie's loss to Fairleight Dickinson was one of the greatest disorders in the history of NCAA tournament, although not the greatest. Although the earnings have a chance to win late, it was still a seed of a seed against a seed number 16. Of course, these games should be explosion. Therefore, the national media did not disgust the defeat of Purdu. Jay Bilas “Fdu was a better team because PurDie emdi." It is not a problem to say the truth on this subject. "What an absolute flaming garbage in the Wabash River has a great success heritage of PurDie, but the Exxon Valdez of March was overwhelmed. "Big Ten Normal Season Champion and tournament champion can lose even a team that does not even win his own conference tournament.Terrible - 0–31 until this game in the NCAA tournament. " Doyel PurDie 'will have to sit in' because enough boiler did not harm Fdu "In addition to Virginia in all future references and gains, 63-58 will imitate the normal season and tournament champion PurDie, who lost to anonymous FDU in front of an anonymous FDU sold and translated.The insemination structure started in 1985. " "How do you earn the normal season with a significant distance, how do you win the conference tournament, and then you go out and lose to a team in the 275th place in kenpom productivity ratings?NCAA tournament. "You are losing this game because you are afraid of it. Because you have no mentality and toughness to win it." PurDe is upset How did the country's shortest team find a way to keep the ball away from Zach Edey? "If you wrote a movie about the sadness of a NCAA tournament, it would appear exactly like this. On Friday, on both sides of both sides, Edey was hunted by small enemies. They were at the front and back and sides, they were trying to climb.He looked like a camp consultant who played against him-and the children won, win Virginia on 63-58.2018. " "For all the wonderful things that PurDie realized this season, won the league and big skin tournament, the truth is that the seasons are stained. This will not enter the fogs of history. This will leave a trace.Nun will add to the general narratives that he is the epic season Underachievers. This is the third flat year in which boilers were sent by a double -digit opponent.Remember the loss of 2016 to Arkansas-litle rock. " Gotopnews.com