Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Max Verstappen, in the second part of the session, lost power in Red Bull, after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was the 15th. The Reigning Champion was the net favorite of the polar position after finishing 0.6 from the closest opponent in the last application and doubled this advantage in the first session of the elimination. However, the loss of power in the first trial in the second quarter meant that it could not complete a tour in the second session and therefore it took 15th place. “The car is not accelerating, de Verstappen said, shortly after the problem occurs, through the team radio. Verstappen returned the car to the pits, but it was immediately understood that he could not continue. The frustration followed a dominant victory for Verstappen on the opening round of the season in Bahrain, which allocated him as a man to turn to Saudi Arabia. Verstappen's team -mate Sergio Perez was entitled to the polar position and did a favor on Red Bull's potential. Fernando Alonso continued by providing a place with the Perez in the front of the grille. Alonso demanded a podium behind Red Bulls on the Sunday evening and will be sure of another powerful result on Sunday evening. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc had put Alonso second place in the elimination area, but at the beginning of this week, he will leave 10 rooms for the team that bought extra engine components, that is to join Verstappen in the second half of the grill. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton will start seventh.