Cnn - Brown University was the first woman to play in the baseball match on Friday. Pichardo, squeezing at the bottom of the ninth stroke, bears in the Providence in Rhode Island Murray Stadium Bryant University Bulldogs 10-1 continues to lose the first base. After the game, Pichardo said he wanted more girls to know that it was possible to play baseball. “I hope young girls can watch and see that this is possible, not just a dream, but a concrete target they can have,” he said. “I hope there is a brand new wave and a generation of girls trying to do as much as me and at even more baseball.” Brown's chief baseball coach Grant Achilles said that players should only be tried for skills, but nothing else. “I hope that if Olivia's achievements are talented enough to give people an opportunity, they should only be tried according to their baseball skills. No other factor should play on this subject, Ach Achilles said according to the team website. “Olivia is an example of this. Not only all the work and efforts, but the whole human network that supports it along the way." New York, Pichardo of Queens, played for the US National Women's National Team in 2022. Brown first -year student Olivia Pichardo squeezes at the bottom of the ninth stroke. “Kelsie Whitmore has been a source of inspiration for me for a long time, Pic Pichardo said to the team website, 24 -year -old Savii and outside the field player who signed with Atlantic League's staten Island Ferryhawks in April 2022. Whitmore is the first woman to join a league of Major League Baseball. Pichardo added, “He was the first woman I heard, and since then I have been following her journey,” Pichardo added." Brown and Bryant will play a pair of titles on Saturday.