San Jose Sharks celebrates the night of pride in a home match against New York Islanders, and GOALTEN James Reimer will not participate in the warming due to the decision of the team not to wear the jerseys wearing to support the LGBTQ+ community. Reimer made a statement in his decision, which he stated as the reason he chose not to wear his religious beliefs on the night of pride. "Everyone is for the attempt under NHL's hockey umbrella, San Jose Sharks chose to wear jerseys to support the LGBTQI community tonight."I have a personal belief that dies on the cross for my sins, and in return, he wants me to love and follow him. In this special case, I choose to approve something based on my personal convictions, something based on the highest authority in my life.I believe that man has the value and value, and I believe that the LGBTQI community, like others, should be welcomed in all directions in Hockey game. " NHL has been doing pride nights in the league for a while and usually contains a special warming shirt and the rainbow rod band. Reimer said that the rod band is not "on your face" and that the idea of wearing a pride -themed form has started more than him. "Hard ... So what other teams have done in the past, some teams, stick tapes or something like that, did they?" Reimer, according to athletic Corey Masisak.I don't know what the right word is, but you are compulsory or inside or whatever. So when it comes to jerseys, then it means a more decision and if you choose not to wear it.At that time, when I saw the teams, we went back to this question. I knew it would interact with my Christian belief. " The Captain of the Sharks Logan Couture, Reimer also asked for the warming of Pride Night. According to Masisak, Couture said, "Every individual has an option, and he did it." The rest of us will wear the jersey, I think the organization sees it as an extremely important night. And I think many men in the room are excited to go out and wear the uniform and celebrate.I think it is an inclusive sport. We want it to be. We look forward to wearing a jersey and playing a game. " Reimer is not the first NHL player in Pride Night. On January 17, Philadelphia Flyers defender Ivan Provorov chose not to participate in the warming night and showed his religious beliefs such as Reimer. During the 2022-23 season, several teams chose not to wear special warming jerseys on the Pride night.