3min ago 23.59 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela faces Garcia, Goldschmidt in the first 3rd inning. The announcers are now bringing the WBC historical statistics, I can't believe these things are happening now. I feel very old. He shoots on a 2-2 pitch. A photo of USA coach Ken Griffey Jr makes me feel even older. 5 minutes ago 23.56 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela hit Torres in the last 2nd inning and to be honest I'm still a bit surprised that they knocked these duo down again. It might be something to note if Venezuela loses by a margin today. 9min ago 23.53 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, last 2nd hit Never mind, in the replay Suárez is being called up for second place. So there are two vacancies and bases for Gleyber Torres. Both teams now used their difficulties. 11min ago 23.51 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, last 2 hits Eugenio Suárez doubled from a badly deteriorated crushing field. 12 minutes ago 23.50 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, 2nd undershot Camera catches a man wearing a Bald Eagle uniform, so there's at least one Team USA superfan outside. David Peralta bats here for Venezuela, taking the field for the debut. 16min ago 23.46 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, in the first 2 innings, Trout passed the point 2-1 and made a healthy hack by fouling on Ruiz's court. 2-2. In the next step, Trout attacks. We hit a no-run half shot! 18min ago 23.43 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, in the first 2 innings, Betts enters the field doubles. There is a runner in the third, but there are currently two outs in the bat. Venezuela will get it every time. 19min ago 23.43 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, in the first 2nd inning, Trea Turner is in line, there is a runner in the second stage. They are leading 3-1 out of numbers. Mookie Betts, who just started this game, is already on deck. Turner takes the fourth ball. Runners first and second, no exit. 21mins ago 23.40 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, 2nd inning 7 in first inning, 5 runs in first inning. Let's see if things calm down in a second here. JT Realmuto is ahead and 0-2 behind Ruiz. Before the third shot of the kick, a short conversation is held with catcher Salvador Perez to make sure that a foul ball does not hurt him. After all, Realmuto golfs Realmuto's course to the outfield for a couple. The hits keep coming. 27min ago 23.35 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, final 1st shot Ronald Acuña Jr is moving center towards Trout to finish the pitch but, well, we definitely have a game here! The final score could be something like 10-9, that will be my guess. 28min ago 23.34 GMT USA 3-2 Venezuela, 1st-end kick Salvador Perez also took a long hit, but this time he was loudly parked. Two down. 29min ago 23.33 GMT 2-round home run USA 3-2 Venezuela, final 1st inning Luis Arráez absolutely crushes a two-round home run, and it's already a one-round game anyway. This is definitely a faster game than yesterday's game. 31mins ago 23.31 GMT USA 3-0 Venezuela, 1st kick from bottom Anthony Santander threw someone up for 1st under 1st. 32min ago 23.29 GMT USA 3-0 Venezuela, 1st kick from bottom You'll never believe what José Altuve did to kick off the first kick from the bottom he hits the bottom. It could be an offensive game. 35min ago 23.27 GMT from Joel Eley Hi Hunter from Jakarta. I totally understand your views on Mr. Trout, but he must have been a little annoyed after Ronald Acuna Jr missed his Braves World Series win due to injury. Either way, both teams have too much talent, too many hits, and neither side has a real ace to start with. Also, I'd love to see Santander grow up, as he's from the Orioles and found last season to be a little weird and suddenly almost relevant again. Hoping for a great game. All the best Joel Well, we definitely have a lot of hits to start here! Five in a row, so I'll say that part of your guess is spot on with Joel. 36 minutes ago 23.26 GMT USA 3-0 Venezuela, first kick Ruiz makes Kyle Schwarber jump into the left field and we finally finish the shot. Ruiz puts out the fire, but Venezuela collapses prematurely and Mexico must be inspired by yesterday's comeback victory. 38 minutes ago 23.24 GMT USA 3-0 Venezuela, first kick José Ruiz is currently in play for Venezuela, probably the right move considering Pérez has nothing. He manages to get Tim Anderson out for the second exit. 40 minutes ago 23.22 GMT RBI singles USA 3-0 Venezuela, first inning Kyle Tucker singles in third inning. Venezuela is defying Tucker's call that second place is safe and the fight is a success, so at least there's a first out but that's three runs on the board and one runner who's still only one out in the third stage. 44min ago 23.18 GMT USA 2-0 Venezuela hits Nolan Arenado in the first kick. Man Pérez can't get out of here. Runners first and third! 46min ago 23.16 GMT RBI Tek USA 2-0 Venezuela, Goldschmidt kicked the first kick and kicked Trout out from third base. This is quite the beginning! 48mins ago 23.14 GMT One run and one mistake! USA 1-0 Venezuela, first shot Almost immediately after, Mike Trout hits one, Betts is third... and then waves home after a error by Ronald Acuña Jr. . The US almost instantly takes the lead one-time! 51mins ago 23.11 GMT USA 0-0 Venezuela, kicker Mookie Betts kicks off with a floor kick! 53mins ago 23.09 GMT First step USA 0-0 Venezuela, first kick Martín Pérez takes his first step and it's a kick to Mookie Betts! 0-1. He stands for the national anthems of the United States and Venezuela on Saturday night. Gene Wang Updated at 23.32 GMT 1 hour ago 23.02 GMT We have a live stream! Kenny Albert and John Smoltz are on the phone. Also, I just realized that Kenny Albert is Marv Albert's son right now. Nepo dolls are everywhere! 1 hour ago 22.57 GMT SPOILER ALERT It was. 1 hour ago 22.55 GMT I bet the number one postseason moment of 2022 will be the Houston Astros winning the World Series. 1 hour ago 22.54 GMT Did I mention that the USA v Venezuela winner will face Cuba in the semi-finals tomorrow? This sounds like an important detail that I totally sniffed at but it's something that's really going to happen. Pete Alonso of Team USA shows off his star-studded gloves at batting practice. Daniel ShireyMLB Photos Updated at 23.22 GMT 1 hour ago 22.50 GMT You can tell that the World Baseball Classic is definitely not respected because there are no meaningless pregame chats on FOX before this game starts. Instead, we're getting a compilation of 2022 MLB postseason highlights. 1 hour ago 2246 GMT Forecast Venezuela is the preferred team in this match, especially as the USA put up some struggles even to get out of the pool game. However, I think the United States will fight over the collective indifference of its citizens and shatter Venezuela's dreams. my reason? Mike Trout. After being stranded in the Los Angeles Angels and thus exiled from postseason MLB, he was eager to showcase his cross-generational talents in big games. I feel today is going to be a big moment and the United States will have a victory. Have a different idea? Feel free to email hunter.felteelancetheguardian or tweet our way to HunterFelt and we'll post them here and see how they hold up. 1 hour ago 22.40 GMT Venezuela squad 1. José Altuve, 2B 2. Anthony Santander, RF 3. Luis Arraez, 1B 4. Salvador Perez, C 5. Ronald Acuña Jr, CF 6. David Peralta, LF 7. Eugenio Suárez, 3B 8 .Gleyber Torres, DH 9. Andrés Giménez, SS Starting pitcher Martín Pérez Updated at 22.49 GMT 1 hour ago 22.36 GMT USA squad 1. Mookie Betts, RF 2. Mike Trout, CF 3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B 4. Nolan Arendo, 3B 5. Kyle Tucker, LF 6. Tim Anderson, 2B 7. Kyle Schwarber, DH 8 JT Realmuto, C 9. Trea Turner, SS Start shooter Lance Lynn Gotopnews.com