Ukraine affirms that votes in the regions occupied on membership of Russia are "dedicated to failure"

World | Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 11:36 PM

Ukrainian officials have criticized plans for occupied parties of Ukraine to hold referendums on joining it Russia, saying that this decision is "dedicated to failure".

A Ukrainian soldier rides in a car after looking for water from a community in the village released in Troitske, Kharkiv region, on September 18, 2022. Ukrainian officials dismissed the plans of parties occupied by the country to celebrate referents on whether they join the Russian Federation, saying that the measure is "condemned to fail", while analysts see the votes as a customary escalation of Moscow that Kyiv's counteroffensive continues. The power leaders of Russia and officials installed in occupied parts of the country made a series of ads on Tuesday, asking for immediate votes to join Russia. These ads were presented ahead of the ordination of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday of a "partial mobilization" that included military reserves that became an active service and greater government financing for the production of weapons. The referendums, which must take place during the next weekend, will be carried out in two self -proclaimed "republics" in Donetsk and Luhansk in the eastern region of Donbas, as well as occupied parts of the regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. The votes, whose results are expected to be manipulated and favor to be part of Russia, are widely seen as a way for Russia to annex more parts of Ukraine and can justify the "defense" of what it could claim then was "Russian territory" , despite the fact that the majority of the international community would not recognize the legitimacy of votes or results. It is not necessary to say that Russia's latest attempts to annex more parts of Ukraine, and try to provide legitimacy to such an act by organizing referendics to do so, has encountered international sentence, from Kyiv. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy dismissed the "noisy news" and the ads regarding the referents, saying that Ukraine had heard everything before. "Today there are quite noisy news from Russia. And there are many questions about it. But what really happened? What was heard that we have not heard before," he said in his night speech, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba called anyone reference a "farce" that would not prevent Ukraine from being his goal of freeing his territories. Reiterating the position of Kuleba, Yuriy Sak, advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, told CNBC that such "false" votes are "condemned to failure" for several reasons. "This is the desperate and face savings attempt that they are trying to use to compensate for the humiliation they have suffered on the battlefield as a result of the offensive of the Ukrainian army, both in the Kharkiv region and in Kherson," he said To Kherson, "said CNBC Tuesday. "The second point is that, regardless of what they do, this will not stop the Ukrainian army and this will not be recognized by any member of the international community." "The third very important point is that local populations in the temporarily occupied territories, and we are seeing it now, since we are marking these territories, they do not support the occupants. They do not support the aggressor. So these false referendums are condemned to failure , from any angle or aspect that looks at it, "he said.

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