China calls Ukraine, Russia, La Paz speaks while Putin launches military mobilization

World | Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 10:06 AM

China again called on Ukraine and Russia to restart peace talks just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin widened his war effort by scoring conscripts to fight.

New now you can listen to Fox News articles! On Wednesday, China asked Ukraine and Russia on Wednesday to start peace talks only after the Russian president Vladimir Putin intensified the war by mobilizing recruits to join the fight. "We call on interested parties to solve the problem through dialogue and negotiation and find a solution that accommodates the legitimate security concerns of all parties," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin told reporters. "We also hope that the international community creates conditions and space for that." Biden in the UN speech accuses Russia of "extremely significant" rape of the International Charter Wenbin's comments echoed the conversation points that Beijing has spit since Russia invaded Ukraine almost seven months ago, accusing west of prolonging war by not taking seriously the alleged security concerns of Russia. When asked about China's position about Russia's announcement this week that is intended to maintain "referendum" about at least four regions in Ukraine, including the areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzia and Kherson, Wenbin said the position Beijing was "consistent and clear." "We believe that all countries deserve respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter must be observed, that legitimate security concerns of any country must be taken seriously," he added. Putin begins the recruitment to reinforce military invasion as Ukraine against the counteroffensive China has constantly refused to condemn Russia's war and has asked the international community to "take seriously" the security concerns expressed by Russia, particularly in regard to NATO. Putin tried to justify his "special military operation" in Ukraine saying that it was a necessary measure to ensure that Ukraine did not join NATO, which he sees as a main threat to Russia. President Biden annulled these claims on Wednesday at the 77th UN General Assembly, saying: "No one threatened Russia and no one but Russia sought conflict." "Putin's own words make him unmistakable's true purpose," said Biden. "Just before he invaded, Putin said and quoted:" Ukraine was created by Russia and never had real stateness. " Click here to get the Fox News application NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg warned Wednesday against the expanding relationship between Russia and China in the middle of the war in Ukraine, and said that the threat it represents for Western nations is approaching. " "China is becoming an increasingly important part of the security environment to which we have to answer," he said. "This increases the importance of NATO's allies together and realize that China is part of the security challenges we need to face today and in the future."

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