The NATO Chief says that Putin has made a "great calculation error" after the troop's announcement

World | Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 8:38 AM

NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said that Russian president Vladimir Putin had misunderstood his strategy in the war with Ukraine following Putin's announcement that he mobilizes 300,000 new troops in the country. "President Putin's speech demonstrates that war does not go according to President Putin's plans. He made a big calculation error ”, Stoltenberg…

NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has missed his strategy in the war with Ukraine after Putin's announcement that he is mobilizing 300,000 new troops to the country. "President Putin's speech shows that the war does not agree with President Putin's plans. He has made a great calculation error," Stoltenberg told Reuters in an interview published Wednesday. The NATO chief said that the International Alliance remains calm even when Putin has ordered a "partial mobilization" of hundreds of thousands of reservists in the coming months. Putin's order is produced in the middle of a counteroffensive of Ukraine that has pushed the Russian troops back to the border in some places. “The only way to finish this war is to demonstrate that President Putin will not win on the battlefield. When he realizes that he has to sit and negotiate a reasonable agreement with Ukraine, ”said Stoltenberg. He also hit Russian president for "dangerous and reckless nuclear rhetoric", echoing the ongoing international concern for the potential use of nuclear weapons in war. In a weird speech for Russia on Wednesday, Putin accused the west of "nuclear blackmail" and made explicit threats about Moscow using his own nuclear arsenal. "When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we, of course, will use all means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people," Putin said. “This is not a lantern. And those who try to blackmail with nuclear weapons should know that the meteoracatura can turn and point towards them. ” President Biden in a recent "60 minutes" interview warned Putin not to "change the face of war" through the use of tactical nuclear weapons and said that Russia runs the risk of becoming "plus a couple in the world that never "if the country increases strategies. Putin has been generating more frustration in his own country by his military movements while Ukraine recovers the territory. Last week, Russian municipal deputies signed a petition that asked Putin to resign, and Czech leader Ramzan Kadyrov described the recent Russian retreat in Ukraine "amazing."

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